Family Disputes Resolution
Helping parents resolve their differences

I help separating parents stop feeling overwhelmed, so they can better support their children and move on with their lives through a comprehensive parenting plan process.

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The Healthy Divorce Package

The Healthy Divorce package is a process developed to help parents separate amicably, reducing stress and powerlessness, while working to maximise the wellbeing of their children. It is a comprehensive process that takes parents through a structured journey helping them create the best parenting plan for their family.

Here’s what’s included:

    • Intake session – an individual in-depth conversation with each parent designed to collect background information and explore their needs and wants for themselves and their children following separation.
    • Strategy session – a second individual session designed to help parents prepare for the mediation. It focuses on the individual parent’s goals for post-separation care arrangements and assists parents to develop an effective strategy for achieving these goals.
    • Joint mediation meetings – a series of facilitated conversations between parents in which they share their views on the future care arrangements for their family and work to develop a mutually acceptable plan. Through this process parents will have an opportunity to brainstorm and discuss options for best care arrangements and develop new communication skills and rules that will govern future parenting.
    • Support and advice – throughout the process parents will benefit from professional knowledge and experience to assist them in identifying the best parenting plan.
    • Constructing the parenting plan – a draft parenting plan will be drawn based on the understandings reached in the joint mediation meetings and shared with parents for comments and discussion. If necessary, further joint meetings shall be arranged to discuss any disagreements.
    • Finalising the parenting plan – a final parenting plan will be drawn and signed by both parents and an implementation strategy outlined.
    • BONUS communication coaching session – parents will be given the opportunity to learn about non-conflict communication and trust building strategies to prevent future conflict within their co-parenting relationship.
    • BONUS follow-up session – an individual review conversation with parents, three months after implementation of the new parenting arrangements, to examine how well these arrangements are working and suggest any tweaks or adjustments.*

    At the end of the process, parents will have a robust and detailed parenting plan that will enable them to get on with their post-separation lives. In the process, they will learn new ways to communicate with each other, being respectful of the other parent’s autonomy in their parenting style and in their new life, thus futureproofing the parenting relationship.

    *In the event the parenting plan requires substantial amendments, new mediation sessions may be required at additional cost.

    The Advantages of Mediation

    Reduces conflict between parents

    Quick and cost effective

    Produces better parenting plans

    Highly flexible to parties’ needs

    No risk – mediator does not make any decisions

    Face to face or on Zoom

    Builds new type of co-parenting relationship


    May be done even while court process in motion

    How it Works

    The art of untangling conflicts to achieve a resolution

    Illustration of two tangled balls unravelling into a handshake, symbolic of disputes resolution.
    Family separation is one of the hardest experiences a parent is likely to go through in their life. People often describe it as if the ground has been shifted from under their feet and they are in free fall. Yet in the midst of the difficulties, people mostly wish to protect their children from unnecessary harm.

    Research reveals that the best predictor for child wellbeing after separation is having a meaningful relationship with both parents and a low level of conflict between the parents.

    Mediation provides the tools to achieve this goal. An impartial, professionally trained mediator facilitates a process in which parents can share their needs and concerns, identify areas of dispute and brainstorm the best solutions for their family. The mediator makes no decision but assists them as parents to find the right way forward.

    Every family is unique and has its own culture, its own humour, its own set of values. Likewise, every child is unique and has her or his own personality. I therefore strongly believe that only the parents, who know their family culture and their children, can decide what will be the best care arrangement for them. Yet parents can benefit greatly from the support of a professional mediator who can guide them through the process, create a bridge between them and contribute knowledge and ideas.

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